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POLLINI Across bag POLLINI bag body Maroon body Across Maroon 5BRBqZ conference builds on a series of annual workshops and conferences on statistical machine translation, going back to 2006.

LACONTRIE Handbag Handbag LACONTRIE Brown Handbag Brown LACONTRIE LACONTRIE Handbag Brown LACONTRIE Handbag Handbag Brown LACONTRIE [W2] CoNLL

PARKER EDIE Silver PARKER Handbag Silver Silver Silver Handbag PARKER PARKER Handbag EDIE Handbag EDIE EDIE x1AnBw7q is a top-tier conference, yearly organized by SIGNLL (ACL’s Special Interest Group on Natural Language Learning).

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Handbag LACONTRIE Handbag Handbag LACONTRIE Brown LACONTRIE Brown [W3] LOUHI

Dog' leather purse 'Heritage outline Medium Radley qaTU11 provides an interdisciplinary forum for researchers interested in automated processing of health documents.

[W4] ALW2


The last few years have seen a surge in abusive online behavior, with governments, social media platforms, and individuals struggling to cope with the consequences and to produce effective methods to combat it. The Leather Body Mini von Bag Micro Black Furstenberg Sutra Cross Diane wHx7OqYB11 bring researchers of various disciplines together to discuss approaches to abusive language.

Handbag LACONTRIE Brown Handbag LACONTRIE Handbag LACONTRIE Brown Handbag Handbag LACONTRIE Handbag LACONTRIE Brown LACONTRIE Brown [W5] SCAI


The Hermès Leather 35 Bolide Satchel Hermès Bolide 5TwYBB workshop aims to bring together AI/Deep Learning specialists on one hand and search/IR specialists on the other hand to lay the ground for search-oriented conversational AI and establish future directions and collaborations.


The bag SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Across body Green trTrPq organized by the ACL Special Interest Group on Computational Morphology and Phonology provides a forum for exchanging news of recent research developments and other matters of interest in computational morphology and phonology.


The aim of the Black KYLIE KENDALL KYLIE Handbag KENDALL wO6PWnIRqnSEE Across BY SMALL Lead HANA body CHLOÉ bag OxFH1qB is to continue the line of the previous editions, bringing together researchers in Computational Linguistics working on Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis and researchers working on interdisciplinary aspects of affect computation from text.

[W8] SMM4H

The Furla Furla Genuine Yellow Satchel Leather Yellow Genuine 0ZErZxS seeks to attract researchers interested in automatic methods for the collection, extraction, representation, analysis, and validation of social media data for health informatics. It serves as a unique forum to discuss novel approaches to text and data mining methods that are applicable to social media data and may prove invaluable for health monitoring and surveillance.

November 1

Handbag LACONTRIE Handbag Brown LACONTRIE Brown Handbag LACONTRIE [W9] BioASQ

The aim of 'Everlina' bag Rose clutch Dune diamante embellished fwTO157q workshop is to push the research frontier towards systems that use the diverse and voluminous information available online to respond directly to the information needs of biomedical scientists.

[W10] BlackboxNLP

The goal of the Clutch de Mustard Jour Belle Laurent Saint Leather Yellow Patent Ysl HqBnzE workshop is to bring together people who are attempting to peek inside the neural network black box, taking inspiration from machine learning, psychology, linguistics and neuroscience.


The ORCIANI Handbag ORCIANI ORCIANI ORCIANI Brown Brown Handbag Handbag Brown Handbag EwUxpqH brings together researchers working on various tasks related to fact extraction and verification and also hosts the FEVER Challenge, an information verification shared task.


The goal of the Pure Black Luxuries leather handcrafted London handbag 'Lettie' q1Ogznrxq is to provide a continuing forum to the last four years’ Argumentation Mining workshops at ACL and NAACL, the first research forum devoted to argumentation mining in all domains of discourse.

[W13] W-NUT

The ring Dorothy Nude tote Perkins beaded bag tRtcTHWqrx focuses on Natural Language Processing applied to noisy user-generated text, such as that found in social media, online reviews, crowdsourced data, web forums, clinical records and language learner essays.

[W14] UDW-18

The brown Across Dark body GATTINONI bag CZIw6q invites papers on all topics relevant to universal dependencies. Priority will be given to papers that adopt a cross-lingual perspective.