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We're transforming ownership of our economy

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We envision a democratically-owned and just economy where everyone can fulfill their needs and aspirations.

Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) is the source for cooperative business development in the Northeast. Our mission is to work with people in the Northeast to create cooperative businesses and networks that grow a prosperous, equitable economy.

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Business Ownership Solutions (BOS) works with business owners to think through whether conversion to a cooperative could meet their needs, and with employees or community members to execute the co-op conversion.

New England Resident Owned Communities (NEROC)

As part of our long-term strategic vision for affordable housing development in the Northeast, CDI is committed to assisting residents of manufactured homes in New England gain ownership over their communities.

Cooperative Food Systems

Cooperative Food Systems builds on Cooperative Development Institute’s more than 20 years of work helping farmers, fishermen and consumers develop cooperatively structured food businesses and looks at how to change our food system through increased cooperation.

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GATTINONI Handbag Handbag Beige Beige GATTINONI GATTINONI Handbag Handbag Beige GATTINONI The whole idea of cooperatives is that we can do more together than on our own.

Your contribution to co-op development efforts can be of any size, and will make a big difference in our work to transform ownership of our economy!


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Worker Ownership Works for Everyone: The Insource Renewables Story

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Staff members are very knowledgeable about the process. Down-to-earth approach when talking to residents. Hard-working. Very helpful to and supportive of members of the board. They are the most optimistic group of people I have ever worked with.

Theresa Lefebvre - President, North Avenue Cooperative

Very patient and helpful in giving advice to a fledgling organization as we were just beginning to develop.

Lauren Errickson - Secretary, Marsh River Cooperative
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